Poll: Gun Rights Supporters Donate Far More on Than Gun Control Advocates; More Politically Active

Gun rights supporters donate four times more and are more politically involved than gun control advocates, according to a poll from the Pew Research Center published this weekend.


Firearm friendly North Carolina expands gun rights! Need NC convictions expunged?

While states like New York, Connecticut and Colorado have restricted gun owners’ rights, North Carolina is marching to its own drummer — it’s expanding those rights.


C&E Gun Show in Charlotte, NC - July 20th & July 21st

We will be in Charlotte this weekend for the C&E Gun Show to be held Saturday and Sunday at the The Merchandise Mart at 2500 Independence Blvd. Show starts at 9am Saturday morning and 10am Sunday morning. We will be giving free consultations on NFA Trusts, and all permitting issues, including expungements and Motions for Appropriate Relief.


S&D Gun Show in Greenville, NC

This past weekend, we attended the S&D Gun Show in Greenville, NC. We had the opportunity to meet many, many concerned citizens and gun owners. Mr. Sherwood Caraway, the promoter, did a great job and service to welcome all of us customers and vendors.


NFA Gun Trust Info at the Greenville NC Gun & Knife Show! - Jun 29 - Jun 30, 2013

Join us at the Greenville Gun & Knife Show on June 29th & June 30th. Please visit our booth at the show for more information regarding NFA gun trusts. An attorney can review your information and prepare a Eastern NC gun trust tailored for your particular needs.


NFA Gun Trust Info at the Gun Show in Hickory, NC - June 22nd & 23rd

We attended the Raleigh Gun Show this past weekend and met with many North Carolina gun owners, answering questions and discussing a broad range of NFA gun trust issues.


Get North Carolina NFA Gun Trust Info at the Raleigh Gun Show!

If you are interested in a NFA Trust or Gun Trust, James Barrett Wilson and Associates will be at the Raleigh Gun Show this weekend June 15th and June 16th 2013 at the State Fairgrounds in the Jim Graham Building.


Gun Show in Fayetteville, NC - June 1st & 2nd

Our law firm was just recently added to the list of display vendors for this weekend’s June 1-2 Gun Show in Fayetteville, NC at 1960 Coliseum Drive. If you are in the area, come by our table and say hello.

Get a "Dollar Off" the admission price: Click Here!


Your North Carolina Gun Rights Advocates and Attorneys

The Winston-Salem Gun Show this past weekend saw many stoppping by our table for information on NFA Trusts and also for consultations on a myriad of other issues such as permitting and new legislative efforts. The good folks from Grass Roots North Carolina stopped by on both days, and we even enagaged some protestors outside the show who are intent on limiting your rights. Make no mistake, we are your gun rights advocates and attorneys.


C&E Gun Show in Winston-Salem, NC

James Barrett Wilson and Associates will be hosting a 2nd Amendment, Gun Rights table at the  May 25-26 C&E Gun Show in Winston-Salem, NC at the LJVM Coliseum Complex at 2825 University Parkway.  There is a second entrance at Gate 5 off Deacon Blvd.  If you are attending the gun show, please stop by our table to have all of you



Your North Carolina Gun Trust: What You May Not Know and Why Getting it Done Right is Absolutely Crucial!

Saving a Few Bucks Can Cost a Fortune - Do-It-Yourself or DIY gun trusts, copying a trust agreement or discount NFA trusts may put yourself and loved ones in enormous jeopardy. In a worst case scenario, you could be arrested and charged with illegal possession of Title II firearms. Defects in bargain NFA trusts can also be costly- fines up to $250,000 per violation and imprisonment up to 10 years. Last but not least, you become a felon and suffer forfeiture of all your firearms. Why chance it? A highly experienced and specialized North Carolina NFA Trust attorney is imperative.
CLEO Sign Off Not Required – The ATF requirement that individuals obtain the signature of the Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) of the city in which you live, on Form 4, Machine gun/suppressor transfer documents, does not apply to gun trusts. No CLEO signature is required on ATF Form 4 transfers to a gun trust. Many Police Chiefs and Sheriffs (CLEOs) now refuse to sign. ATF Form 4 transfer forms making acquisition of Title II items difficult. The use of a gun trust to acquire Title II items solves this problem..
No Fingerprint Cards Required – The ATF requirement that an individual supply two sets of fingerprint cards with every Form 4 transfer does not apply to transfers to a gun trust.
No Photographs Required – The ATF requirement that an individual supply two photographs with every Form 4 transfer does not apply to transfers to a gun trust.
Continuity, Breadth and Mutuality of Possession – A properly drafted gun trust can allow various persons to possess and use NFA Title II firearms owned by the trust. Several trustees with authority to possess the trust’s NFA Title II weapons can be designated. ATF regulations for individuals limit the possession of NFA Title II firearms to the registered owner only. Gun trusts can be drafted to allow various persons to use the trust’s NFA firearms over the years without the need to transfer them upon the death or incapacity of a trustee or beneficiary of the trust. Family members or friends can be designated as authorized “users” of trust Title II firearms. Nevertheless, when the trust terminates, its property must be distributed to the beneficiaries and a transfer tax paid on each NFA item.
Confidentiality – When a gun trust purchases a Title II firearm, it must submit a copy of the trust to the ATF with the Form 4. The NFA gun trust is otherwise confidential. It is not filed of record and, other than NFA firearms purchased by the trust which must be registered with the ATF, its assets are confidential and need not be disclosed.
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