Restoration of Rights & Expungement: North Carolina SB 445 Expunction


Denied a Job? Denied Housing? Denied a Gun Permit? Clean Your North Carolina Record & Get Your Rights Back!

A criminal record can follow you for life, affecting your ability to get jobs, loans, housing, government benefits, financial aid and adversely affect your ability to own and possess firearms. This not only affects you, but your family.

A bill that would change the way expunctions are granted has passed the North Carolina General Assembly and is on Gov. Roy Cooper's desk. The North Carolina SB 445 expunction bill reduces the wait time for expunction of a first-time nonviolent misdemeanor or felony conviction from 15 years to five years for a misdemeanor conviction and 10 years for a felony conviction.

The existence of a criminal record can make it difficult for ex-offenders to participate in society. Prospective employers, landlords, colleges and even volunteer programs place a lot of stock in record checks and what they reveal. Expunction is a legal process to remove certain offenses from a person's criminal record. If you have questions about SB 445 expunction, please call us.

Removal will now be permitted for charges that had been brought and subsequently dismissed or charges in which a finding of not guilty was made. Expunctions can also be used to remove criminal convictions from a person's record.

According to SB 445 expunction, if a person was charged and there was no conviction, or if a person is a first-time offender of a non-violent crime, then the law will give the individual easier access to get their criminal records expunged.


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