TGC Legal Brief: Ultimate Guide to Gun Trusts!


There are several distinct problems with internet trusts. The first being you often don’t get legal advice along with them. You’re left to discern what the different roles in a trust are, such as the settlor or grantor, trustees, beneficiaries, etc. and how to appropriately structure the trust. Second, you have no idea if the trust complies with your particular state’s trust code. Following that same vein, trusts that are marketed as ATF approved really means nothing. ATF looks to see if the document contains certain elements, not if the trust is a valid legal entity in your state. Wherein the problem lies. If the trust is not a valid legal entity and doesn’t actually exist, that could cause a lot of potential headaches in the future for someone, particularly with NFA firearms and the penalties associated with the illegal possession of them.


Did You Have an Internet or Dealer Trust? How many pages comprise the combined documents in your NFA Trust? The North Carolina Gun Trust “Silver Trust” includes 33 pages across 16 trust documents. Our “Gold Trust” includes 44 pages across 19 documents. Our Platinum Trust includes more. If your NFA items cost several hundred to several thousand dollars, is a bargain 10 page, single document, boiler-plate trust going to do the job? Does your single document trust include less than 10 pages? If you're spending less on the trust than the items in the trust, what's the loss if it's invalid? Does the trust work and is it legally valid in North Carolina? Will there be possession or transfer violations that occurred due to a poorly created or poorly managed trust?

North Carolina Gun Trust and James Barrett Wilson & Associates will review your NFA Gun Trust. Our attorney network has reviewed and analyzed dozens of online form trusts published by various non-attorneys and have noticed numerous problems, some fatal, to the grantor trustees. Why not get your NFA Trust reviewed for the peace of mind that your future trustees or beneficiaries are protected and will encounter no trouble or issues down the road?

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