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These days, more than 90% of employers use background checks in hiring decisions. Often qualified applicants with criminal histories may not be given a fair consideration. In an already competitive and tight job market, this is particularly true.

Almost 200,000 people a year are denied the right to purchase a firearm because they failed a check. A surprising amount of people with open arrest warrants attempt to buy a gun- many of the warrants are years old and, of which, the individual was unaware. Unbelievably, the FBI contacts the agency that issued the warrant to see if it’s still open, and then alerts them to the address of the FFL that processed the background check. There have even been instances which have resulted in an arrest at the gun store.

Disqualifying mental health records increasingly prevent individuals from exercising their 2nd Amendment rights. Privacy laws have been eased or discarded when background checks can be used to prevent the acquisition of firearms. The federal government now wants access to all records from health care providers and the courts in order to eliminate private ownership of the same weapons you would use only to defend your family and home.

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Ever been to a marriage counselor or seen a doctor about a simple thing like sleeplessness due to stress? This may now be used against you to take your guns or prevent you from purchasing them. And of course, that is all the stricter laws were designed to do. North Carolina Gun Trust covers the entire state, so we can assist you or anyone you know in sealing and expunging your records no matter where you live in North Carolina. And we always consult first, then see if there is a way for Restoration. You are then able to make an informed decision about your future and your rights. Let us help clear your name.

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