Anti-Gun Zealot Targets Seniors


"New requirements are necessary due to rising dementia and suicide rates among older adults".

A professor at Johns Hopkins University is urging lawmakers to consider creating new gun laws which require American senior citizens to take competency tests to prove that they are stable enough to own firearms.

According to Shannon Frattaroli, PhD., the new requirements are necessary due to rising dementia and suicide rates among older adults.

“So much of the dialogue around guns in this country has been around crime, and lately, mass shootings. And the older population is not part of that. But when you look at the suicide issue, it’s impossible to ignore older Americans,” the professor told New America. “With that in mind, any conversation about guns has to include a conversation [about] gun ownership among older adults. There’s definitely more to be done on that issue in the United States.”

The academic also said older adults should consider weighing the risks against the benefits of gun ownership.

“Older adults need to consider the risk whether an actual home invasion is likely to occur, versus the likelihood that the [older] person would use that gun to do harm to themselves, or a grandchild would find that gun, or they would harm someone coming into the home who’s not there for a home invasion, someone there for a legitimate purpose like a caretaker,” she said. Via

Here are just a few (not all) of Frattaroli's peer reviewed journal article titles:

  • "What Happens when Law Enforcement Tries to Remove Guns from Respondents to Domestic Violence Protective Orders? Survey Results Following a Pilot Intervention".
  • "Separating Batterers and Guns: A Review and Analysis of Laws in 50 States".
  • "How Delinquent Youth Acquire Guns: Initial Versus Most Recent Gun Acquisitions".
  • "Why Firearm Injury Surveillance?"
  • "Addressing the Source of Illegal Guns in Chicago: A Case Study of the CAGE Unit within the Chicago Police Department".
  • "Removing Guns from Domestic Violence Offenders: An Analysis of State Level Policies to Prevent Future Abuse".
  • "The Epidemiology of Firearm Death in the United States: A Slide Set".
  • "Gun Violence Prevention: A Public Health Perspective".

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