NCGT at the Fayetteville Gun Show on July 30th & 31st!


The Fayetteville Gun Show will be held on Jul 30th and 31st, 2016 in Fayetteville, North Carolina. James Barrett Wilson & Associates will be there for North Carolina Gun Trust. This Fayetteville gun show is held at Crown Center and hosted by C&E Gun Shows of North Carolina.

Many are confused and even more have questions about NFA Gun Trusts now that ATF 41F has gone into effect. ATF 41F stipulates that subsequent to July 13th, all responsible persons named in a trust must now undergo federal background checks and complete required federal paperwork, which must be forwarded to a CLEO. Guidance through the attorney network of North Carolina Gun Trust can make the confusing process easier and eliminate much, if not all, of the anxiety and stress.

North Carolina Gun Trust can review an existing trust for faults and defects. Those who applied as a trust or legal entity before July 13, will see a number of changes. Mishandling the transfer of “regular firearms” (such as standard-length manual or semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, or handguns) through faulty wills or defective trusts may result in a federal or state felony charge for transferring the firearm to an inappropriate recipient. If you possess an existing trust and particularly one drafted years ago, now may be the ideal time for a review. Surprisingly to most, “regular firearms” excludes NFA firearms or devices, such as suppressors, which now require stricter transfer procedures. Nonetheless, a NFA gun trust remains the preferred method for purchasing suppressors.

Come to the Fayetteville Gun Show or contact us through the North Carolina Gun Trust website!

North Carolina Gun Trust and James Barrett Wilson & Associates will review your NFA Gun Trust. Our attorney network has reviewed and analyzed dozens of online form trusts published by various non-attorneys and have noticed numerous problems, some fatal, to the grantor trustees. Why not get your NFA Trust reviewed for the peace of mind that your future trustees or beneficiaries are protected and will encounter no trouble or issues down the road?

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