Millions of Brand New Criminals, A Sweep of Every Home


The new criminals will be the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions. It seems the only thing holding back legislators is a lack of enough SUVs full of armed DOJ agents to do a Soviet-style door-to-door search of every home.

NFA Gun TrustsOn Independence Day weekend California Governor Jerry Brown, with the stroke of a pen, created several million brand new criminals in the once-Golden State.  Before jumping on a plane for a European vacation, he signed six of the eleven gun control bills sent to him by the one-party lynch mob that California’s legislature has become.  All six laws will go into effect next year. They create new crimes that will be committed simply because of Governor Brown’s signature, not by any actual misdeeds of hapless Californians against person or property.

Especially alarming is Senator Loni Hancock’s (D-Berkeley) magazine confiscation bill, SB 1446.  This new law is notable in that it creates a new crime out of what the legislature previously declared perfectly legal—owning magazines that hold more than ten rounds.  They had outlawed the manufacture, sale, and importation of greater than ten round magazines, even as the rest of the country continued to allow them. But the ones currently owned were still allowed.

No more.  In a classic and calculated plunge down the slippery slope, Senator Hancock, whose contempt for gun owners is legendary, has taken the gun prohibition movement another giant step toward their goal. And we all know what that is, because they’ve told us more than once. Via

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