Call for Deadly Assault Truck Control


"The potential to weaponize these vehicles makes them a serious threat to everyone"

NFA Gun TrustIt is yet to be determined whether President Obama and Democrat presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton will use the attack as an opportunity to call for stricter gun control in the U.S., but doing so would be in keeping with their standard operating procedures in recent years.

Others are calling for gun-like restrictions on trucks and other dangerous, wheeled vehicles. Dave Vann, director of the group Responsible Action Against Vehicle Violence, or RAAVV, said that his group is seeking commonsense legislation to keep dangerous vehicles out of the hands of dangerous people.

“Many of these vehicles are designed for military or commercial use,” said Vann. “They have no place in civilian and non-professional hands on our city streets.”

Vann went on to say that larger vehicles should be tightly restricted to designated highways, while medium-sized delivery trucks that operate on city streets should be tightly regulated, with background checks for licensed drivers, including mental health screening and operational competency testing, and owners of these vehicles should be held responsible for any misuse of their vehicles resulting in death or injury. Vann called for an immediate ban on personal assault vehicles of the pickup truck variety and strict controls on any vehicle with a gross weight in excess of 5000 pounds or a ground clearance of 8 inches or greater.

“The potential to weaponize these vehicles makes them a serious threat to everyone,” Vann said.

“Cars and trucks kill far more people every year than any other weapon – far exceeding the death toll of guns and knives combined. Vehicles that are designed for commerce should not be so readily accessible to people with little or no training, and certainly not anyone under the age of 21. Right now, people leave these dangerous weapons unattended in public spaces, leave keys where children can easily access them, and allow easy access to illegal immigrants and the mentally unstable.”

Van went on to call for legislation requiring all new vehicles to be equipped with driver recognition systems that would prevent them from being used by anyone except authorized drivers. Via Ammoland

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