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NFA Trust ReviewNorth Carolina Gun Trust and James Barrett Wilson & Associates will review your NFA Gun Trust. Our attorney network has reviewed and analyzed dozens of online form trusts published by various non-attorneys and have noticed numerous problems, some fatal, to the grantor trustees. As you are very likely aware, violators of the NFA may be fined as much as $250,000, and imprisoned not more than 10 years. Or both. But if there are problems with a NFA Trust, can the defects be easily cured?

Just because you have obtained a document that purports to be a trust does not mean that you have created a valid trust. All trusts must satisfy the very specific lawful requirements of the state in which it is created in order to be valid. Trusts in North Carolina are not one-size-fits-all and are crucially state specific. Many generic trusts, unfortunately, contain numerous errors and mistakes, are incomplete, invalid or defective when dealing with firearms. Some are asking if ATF's 41F rule will have any impact on their NFA Trust and if it affects existing tax stamps.

NFA Trust ReviewWe review the entire NFA Trust, along with any supporting or attached documents to the trust.  After that review, you may be issued some recommendations based on any errors, faulty or defective language.  If the submitted trust comes to us as a blank template, or with a name of an individual we are not allowed to contact, then we cannot review the trust nor may North Carolina Gun Trust report on draft templates.

Often there are errors in the language of template or form trusts- critical mistakes such as improperly giving trustees voting rights, substandard beneficiary shares identification, and cementing of co-trustees into the main body of the trust. Generic or DIY template trusts may be absent of important required terms unique to properly worded NFA gun trusts. Our experienced staff is trained to identify these errors and correct them, reconstructing your trust into a valid legal document. Have an out-of-state gun trust and moving to North Carolina? We can review that too!

Most would not think twice about spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a vault or gun storage locker. You also need the very best NFA Trust to protect your gun collection. Keep your firearms collection safe. And keep yourself and your loved ones safe. We look forward to informing you that your NFA Trust is valid in North Carolina.

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