Benefits of a 24/7 Emergency Retainer: Man Shot, Killed After Police Say He Broke Into Home


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A man was killed after police said he broke into a home on the 4600 block of Valleybrook.

Police said homeowner Raul Munoz's wife woke him up around 4:30 a.m. She heard a banging noise coming from the front door. 

"There is never anything on the other side of that door that is worth what happened," said neighbor and family friend Marcey Love.

"An unknown male subject made entry to his residence at which point the subject began to rush him and began firing at him," said Corporal Steve LeSueur of the Odessa Police Department.

The report said police found 25-year-old Jake Gould with multiple gunshot wounds. Love said the family is devastated from the incident.

"They have requested prayers for the family of the deceased and the deceased, and asking prayers for their family, too," said Love. "They're absolutely devastated that this has happened."

Police said Gould was taken to Medical Center Hospital where he was pronounced dead. His body will be sent to Tarrant County for an autopsy.

"Pray please. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers," said Love. "Lift them up some good vibes."

We reached out to Gould's former girlfriend, Shannell George. She told us it was a misunderstanding. She said Jake was under the influence and walked into the wrong house. Via

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