Fix or Amend Your Existing Gun Trust

North Carolina Gun Trust and James Barrett Wilson & Associates will fix your defective gun trust. We have reviewed and analyzed dozens of online form trusts published by various non-attorneys and have noticed numerous problems, some fatal, to the grantor trustees.

defective gun trustOften there are errors in the language of these form trusts, critical mistakes such as improperly giving trustees voting rights, substandard beneficiary shares identification, and cementing of co-trustees into the main body of the trust. Our experienced staff is trained to identify these errors and correct them, reconstructing your trust into a valid legal document. Have an out-of-state gun trust and moving to North Carolina? We can fix that too!
It is more work to amend a trust than it is to create a proper trust the first time around, so the fee for fixing a defective trust is $450. We have created documents that allow us to amend your old sub-standard trust and turn it into the high-quality trust you need. Most would not think twice about spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a vault or gun storage locker, why would you use a $50 trust to protect them? Your gun collection is important. Keep it safe. Also, this price includes a year of our 24/7 Emergency Attorney Retainer which you can find Here.  You can't call Silencerco or some other online service in the middle of the night if you have a self-defense issue leading to an interaction with LEO. Call or contact us today for a free consultation. Just Click Here!

Or, if you know your existing trust has issues, click the button below to get started!

Defectice Gun Trust

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