Washington Post "Racism" Alert: Resistance To Gun Control Fueled By 'White Resentment'?


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"The correlation between racial resentment and gun attitudes has been well-established in existing sociological literature going back at least 30 years".

The National Rifle Association has their annual meeting in Louisville, Kentucky this week, so let’s revisit one of the worst anti-gun pieces The Washington Post ran in April, where they said that “white resentment” was fueling the resistance against gun control.

In their paper, published in the journal Political Behavior in November, Alexandra Filindra and Noah J. Kaplan found that whites were significantly less likely to support gun control measures when they had recently looked at pictures of black people, than when they had looked at pictures of white people.The study, which surveyed 1,000 white respondents, also found that the higher they scored on a common measure of racial prejudice, the stronger negative effect the photos of black people had on the respondents' support for gun control.

Taken together, those two findings "demonstrate that racial prejudice influences white opinion regarding gun regulation in the contemporary United States," Filindra and Kaplan conclude. But why would that be the case?

To explain this, Filindra and Kaplan draw on a rich body of sociological literature about the language of racial resentment, especially amongwhites. Racial resentment, as Filindra and Kaplan define it, is a prejudice based in the belief that blacks don't value independence and hard work and instead push for special rights conferred by the government. It upholds whites as morally superior while ignoring the structural advantages of whiteness.


Filindra and Kaplan say their research does not imply that all white gun owners are racist, nor that all support for gun control carries racial baggage.

But for a certain subset of white gun-rights supporters, particularly those who are inclined to hold certain prejudicial beliefs, messages about individualism and liberty and rights are understood in a very specific way.

In the mind of this type of gun owner, "I am showing my white nationalist pride in a sort of generic way through gun ownership," Filindra posits. "This is my way of expressing my 'more-equal-than-others' status in a society where egalitarianism is the norm.


Kerry O'Brien is a researcher a Monash University in Australia who has also investigated the link toward racial attitudes and gun ownership. He notes that the correlation between racial resentment and gun attitudes has been well-established in existing sociological literature going back at least 30 years.

Okay—if these are the conclusions that will come out of federally funded studies, and then Congress should by all means block attempts to allocate those funds. We already have enough research ventures explaining how white people are a problem. They’re not.

Second, gun ownership is not a majority white undertaking. That’s the thing that amazes me about the anti-gun left. Pretty much everyone is exercising second Amendment rights. The explosion in female participation in shooting sports, gun ownership, firearm training classes, and obtaining concealed carry permits has been documented pervasively. Read More

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