S&D Gun Show in Greenville, NC


This past weekend, we attended the S&D Gun Show in Greenville, NC. We had the opportunity to meet many, many concerned citizens and gun owners. Mr. Sherwood Caraway, the promoter, did a great job and service to welcome all of us customers and vendors.

The site of the gun show was at the Greenville Convention Center, and adjacent to the recent shooting at a local law firm and a Walmart where four people were shot by a deranged person. Many visitors, understandably, had questions about using their legal weapons in a sudden self defense situation. These questions will continue to affront NC gun owners. We are here to answer those questions and will remain your NC Gun Trust and 24/7 self defense attorneys. Call us anytime on our 24/7 hotline at 336-575-9512, or contact us through our information on this website for any issue or questions you may have reagrding concealed carry, open carry, self defense, Castle Doctrine, "Stand your Ground", permitting through purchase, concealed permitting, expungments, motions for appropriate relief, and the carry of other weapons for your protection and the protection of your family, such as tasers, stun guns, etc..

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