Haywood County Sheriff Asks for Patience for Conceal Carry Permit Delays


NC Gun TrustOnly one person processes permits for Haywood County's population of 60,000.

Haywood County Sheriff’s officials are asking for patience from those waiting for conceal carry permits.

Donna Henson, who processes conceal and carry weapon permits, said right now the interest is extremely high, and so is the call volume from those waiting to get their permit.

"It is so busy that my appointments are pushing to the end of June. The sheriff wants the community to know we are working on it. This backlog is happening state wide, too," said Henson. "Some of the counties I’ve talked to are pushing Labor Day [until they can take new carry and conceal appointments]. You used to be able to get an appointment within two weeks."

Due to changed legislation on Dec. 1, the expansion of background checks and mental health checks has extended the permit process, and Henson is the only person who processes at the Haywood County Sheriff's Office. Read More

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