Grass Roots North Carolina Voter Advisory for March 15th: Buck Newton for Attorney General & Andy Stevens for Agriculture Commissioner


Gun Rights Supporters:
In the March 15 primaries, everyone pays attention to races for Governor, Congress, and US Senate. But two important statewide races might not be on your radar: NC Attorney General and NC Commissioner of Agriculture. 

Vote Buck Newton for Attorney General
Our current Attorney General, Roy Cooper, has a long history of antagonism toward gun rights. While in the NC Senate, he garnered only a 58% gun rights voting record, earning GRNC’s lowest 0-star evaluation (0). For 16 years, gun owners have been without representation as his office has, perhaps willfully, misinterpreted statutes to our detriment. Echoing Barack Obama, Cooper recently called for denying gun purchases to people on the Terrorist Watch List who have been convicted of nothing and have no access to due process of law under the Fifth Amendment.

With Cooper vacating the seat to run for governor, we have a tremendous opportunity to replace him with someone who will respect the Second Amendment and conservative values in general. That candidate is BUCK NEWTON (100%, GRNC ****).

As NC Senate Judiciary Chairman, BUCK NEWTON was largely responsible for three omnibus pro-gun bills which expanded concealed carry and gave us Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Ground, and much more. BUCK NEWTON fought RINOs to pass clean pro-gun bills and has a proven history of being a leader for the Second Amendment and traditional American values.

By contrast, primary election opponent Jim O’Neil wisecracked that recent enhancements to concealed carry would put guns in the hands of the Hells Angels. He refused to answer GRNC’s candidate survey, indicating he doesn’t want you to know where he stands on guns and earning GRNC’s lowest zero star evaluation (0). What is he hiding? On March 15, vote Buck Newton for NC Attorney General.

Vote Andy Stevens for Agriculture Commissioner
Although initially popular, NC Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler now sees himself as “King Of All He Surveys” and, frankly, needs to be “dethroned.”

In 2013, after GRNC passed legislation legalizing concealed carry and assemblies of people for which admission is charged, Troxler continued to post the NC State Fair in contravention of the law. Predictably, fairgoers were robbed at gunpoint in state fair parking lots.

In 2015, Troxler enlisted the support of Sen. Brent Jackson to officially give himself power to prohibit guns at the State Fair. Later, he ended up in the center of a deer farming scheme in which big-dollar donations from former Food Lion CEO Tom E Smith reversed previous policy to curtail deer farming, potentially exposing North Carolina’s indigenous deer population to introduction of Chronic Wasting Disease from other states. Translated, big-money now threatens to destroy deer hunting in our state thanks to Troxler and his cronies.

By contrast, opponent ANDY STEVENS (100%, GRNC ****) has worked tirelessly for Grass Roots North Carolina in removing local restrictions on concealed carry from dozens of municipalities. A relentless and dedicated conservative,
Andy Stevens will reverse the atmosphere of cronyism and corruption which now pervades the Department of Agriculture. On March 15, vote Andy Stevens for NC Commissioner of Agriculture.

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