The Guns of U.S. Presidents


NC NFA Gun TrustTheodore Roosevelt carried concealed pistols and almost never went anywhere unarmed. No matter what your current political affiliation is these days, it is safe to say that when it comes to U.S. presidents, firearms and the public’s positive perception of their use—we miss “the good old days.”

In this, an election year, the candidates’ positions on Second Amendment issues are being debated at many levels. New Executive Orders and legislation have placed the White House at the center of the never-ending discussion on a citizen’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

However, it wasn’t that long ago when firearms were not only welcome in the executive mansion, but at least eight of our Chief Executives* were proud of their NRA Life member status. One Commander in Chief, Ulysses S. Grant, even served as President of the NRA following his tenure in the White House.

With Presidents Day upon us, let's take a look at some of the fascinating firearms owned and used by a few of the former presidents of the United States. Read More

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