Grass Roots North Carolina: North Carolina Attorney General Candidate Buck Newton Supports Gun Rights!


NC NFA Gun TrustBuck Newton, Republican candidate for North Carolina Attorney General, has consistently supported gun rights in the NC Senate. Jim O’Neill, one of his primary opponents, as recently as last Friday has spoken out against them …

On Friday, Senator E.S. (Buck) Newton (R-11 – Johnston, Nash, Wilson, GRNC ****) argued gun rights with his Republican primary opponent for NC Attorney General, Jim O’Neill. As the discussion developed, it became clear that O’Neill has an entirely different notion of the definition of “infringed” than the rest of us do.

O’Neill’s Recipe for More Gun Control
It has been reported that, at the Republican Council of State Forum, O’Neill attacked Newton for supporting HB 562, last year’s pro-gun legislation, which held the line on the freedom of action and commerce among law-abiding citizens. Apparently, O’Neill wishes for peaceful, unassuming gun owners be entangled in yet more red tape as they conduct their private affairs. If O’Neill had his way, a simple act like a father gifting a handgun to his son or daughter would be a prosecutable offense. This is clearly not a pro-gun freedom stance. It’s not even a pro-Republican stance.

Surely, O’Neill’s ideas for more gun control are not only a recipe for more red tape, and not only a recipe for granting meddling public servants yet more autocratic control over your rights, but it is also a recipe for average, peaceful people to be inadvertently entrapped into serious crimes for doing nothing immoral, unreasonable or hurtful. That’s a recipe you don’t want to sample! 
Buck Newton Stands for Gun Owners
Conversely, and just as O’Neill has “accused” him of, Buck Newton has stood against further infringement on the gun rights of North Carolina citizens. Indeed, he is one of the strongest champions of gun rights North Carolinians have in the NC Senate, and he has the record to back that up. Read More

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