Firearms Incident Emergency Retainer

nc gun trustWaiting until after an incident to retain legal guidance or an attorney may be costly when one requires an absolute rapid response in regard to protecting your rights and your freedom. What if you say the wrong thing to law enforcement? Will there be evidence that doesn't look right to investigators or an overzealous prosecutor who dislikes firearms ownership? What do you do if you find yourself under arrest and facing criminal prosecution? Will you have time after the fact to shop for an effective and proven 2nd Amendment attorney? You need a North Carolina lawyer on your side 24/7 before it happens. The attorney network of North Carolina Gun Trust covers the entire state. Peace of mind does not have to cost an arm and a leg:

* One Year 2nd Amendment Attorney Defense Coverage
James Barrett Wilson & Associates will be on call, 24hrs/day, to represent you in any LEO interaction, in any 2nd Amendment related charges, such as Castle Doctrine, General Self-Defense, Discharge, or Carry Incident. 
*Attorney For ATF and LEO
If you have an interaction with the ATF, or any LEO, whether at 2pm or 2am, you can call our 24hr hotline.  Please see examples of alternate language to use in an interaction with LEO.* 

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NC Gun Retainer

*"Hello Officer, I wish to cooperate with you. I do not, however, wish to make any statements or consent to any searches. I wish to preserve all of my rights under the United States Constitution, including but not limited to the 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments. Please let me know if I am being detained, cited, or arrested and advise me immediately or a soon as you can on when I will be free to leave. If I am not free to leave, I now wish to call my attorney, James Barret Wilson, Jr. of North Carolina Gun Trust at 336-575-9512. Thank you".

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