Get Your North Carolina Gun Rights Back! Expungements & Other Methods.

If you have had your gun rights taken away due to a prior conviction, you may have several options available. At James Barrett Wilson & Associates, we specialize in all manner of issues related to your gun rights In North Carolina. Specifically we can help with:

  • Expungements: having an underlying conviction removed from your record to restore your rights, and give you greater peace of mind;
  • Restoration of Gun Rights: petitioning the Court to have your rights restored without seeking an expungement;
  • Reacquiring Guns That Were Removed Due to Civil Order: petitioning the Court to have the guns that were removed from your possession by a civil order returned to you;
  • Challenging Permit Denials: challenging a permit that was improperly denied.

Call us today at 336-773-0059 for a free consultation to see if we can help you with your gun-related matter in North Carolina.

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