Do I need a North Carolina Gun Trust attorney?


An attorney will ensure your trust is legally valid. One of the greatest dangers of using a flawed trust for NFA gun ownership is the possibility of having a false sense of security. When BATFE approves your transfer application, they're not declaring your trust legally valid. In fact, if a gun owner or his heirs later discover his trust was never properly created, BATFE could penalize them for unauthorized ownership of NFA firearms.

An attorney will ensure your trust is legally valid. If your attorney doesn't fulfill his professional duty to you, he will be held accountable. Your attorney can lose his law license, and his malpractice insurance could compensate you. Conversely, if your gun dealer provides or recommends a trust, he is committing the crime of practicing law without a license. You will have no recourse if he provides you bad advice, and his own insurance will not cover legal malpractice.


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