We have over twenty years of experience in handling gun possession cases, defending and advocating for gun owners. The right to keep and bear arms is the single most heavily regulated civil liberty we Americans possess. At The Law Offices of James Barrett Wilson and Associates, we devote a substantial portion of our practice to firearms law issues, and we can help you navigate the delicate and complicated process of NFA regulations. It is our practice to combine a thorough knowledge of current laws and personal commitment to serve the specialized needs of our clients. The North Carolina Gun Trust attorney network covers the entire state!

To best serve those needs, we now offer National Firearms Act (NFA) Trusts. For shooters looking to add Title II firearms to a collection, there is a North Carolina-legal way to own and possess NFA items, such as:

  • Machine Guns
  • Suppressors
  • Short Barreled Rifles
  • Short Barreled Shotguns
  • Destructive Devices/AOW

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